Board Meeting Minutes March 2018

Orwell Cogswell Free Public Library Minutes

March 8, 2018

The meeting was called to order by Lou Anne Stone at 7:00 PM

Minutes from Previous Meeting

Read by Korleen Steele. Motion to accept by Paula Steele, seconded by Brandy Potter



Treasurer’s Report

No report given

Library Director’s Report

Elizabeth reported that there was a total of 132 visitors and 280 circulation transactions at the library in February.

The library was required to close for 2 days due to furnace problems.

One book and 2 DVD were added to the library collection during this month.

Jerry Schell finished installing the new copy machine on 02/22.

Jerry Schell informed the library of an upgrade for internet that would cost the same amount as its current Spectrum bill. Lou Anne gave Elizabeth the go ahead to pursue this option.

Marcia Bulger started Elizabeth’s training on 02/28. She suggested that board going updating some of their policies over the next several months.

Elizabeth applied for a $500 wedding grant to help organize the library.

Elizabeth is continuing to work on setting up an account with Bodart to start ordering new book.

Committee Reports

Unfinished Business

New Business

  • A committee to recommend new books is to be organized by Elizabeth.
  • The FOLKS group would like to help out the Orwell library in any ways they can.
  • Lou Anne would like to know if the library wants to do a book sale at Old Home Days.
  • Rock painting party for children during screen-free week.

Executive Session

Next Meeting

Scheduled for April 12, 2018


By Lou Anne Stone at 7:26