Board Meeting Minutes February 2018

Orwell Cogswell Free Public Library Minutes

February 15, 2018

The meeting was called to order by Lou Anne Stone at 7:01 PM

Minutes from Previous Meeting

Read by Korleen Steele. Motion to accept by Deanna Barber, seconded by Paula Steele


  • Renewals for 2 magazine subscriptions- Conservationist and NY Game and Fish. Conservationist was approved for renewal NY Game and Fish was not.

Treasurer’s Report

Given by Bill Potter. Motion to accept by Deanna Barber, seconded by Paula Steele

Library Director’s Report

Elizabeth reported that there was a total of 81 visitors and 119 circulation transactions at the library in January.

The library was required to close for 4 days due to furnace problems.

The Annual Report was completed and submitted on 1/31/18.

Seven books and 4 DVD were added to the library collection during this month.

Committee Reports

Unfinished Business

New Business

  • A resolution to pay the phone bill without prior authorization from the board was voted on and passed. Paula Steele voted yes, Deanna Barber voted yes, Korleen Steele voted yes, and Lou Anne Stone voted yes.

Executive Session

The board of trustees received one application for the position of Library Director. The board unanimously agreed to hire Elizabeth Gondek with a $0.25 per hour pay increase starting February 28, 2018. Another increase of $0.25 per hour increase was agreed on to take place in August of 2018.

Next Meeting

Scheduled for March 8, 2018


By Lou Anne Stone at 7:40