Board Meeting Minutes January 2018

Orwell Cogswell Free Public Library Minutes

January 18, 2018

The meeting was called to order by Lou Anne Stone at 7:25 PM

Minutes from Previous Meeting

Read individually, no acceptance submitted

Treasurer’s Report

Given by Bill Potter. Accepted by Paula Steele, seconded by Brandy Potter

Library Director’s Report

Linda reported that there was a total of 97 visitors to the library in November and 79 in December. Ninety-eight circulation transactions were made in November and 138 transactions in December.

Two new computers were installed, and all computers have now been upgraded to Windows 10.

Linda received her debit card for the library in December but did not make any purchases on it.

Four new young adult fiction books were donated to the library and 1 adult non-fiction in the month of November. No donations were stated for December.

Committee Reports

Unfinished Business

  • Bill Potter agreed to order a new printer/copier/fax machine for the library using available library funds.
  • All board nominations passed in November.

New Business

No new business was discussed at this meeting

Executive Session

The board made the decision to terminate Linda Rudd from her position of Library Director due to 1.) Failure to submit bills and paperwork by deadlines. 2.) Leaving tasks incomplete. 3.) Complaints from patrons. The termination was effective immediately. In lieu of 2 weeks’ notice the board offered a severance package. Board members informed Ms. Rudd of this decision on January 18, 2018.

The board elected Brandy Potter to make arrangements for an employment ad to run in the local paper for two weeks advertising the need for a new library director.

Next Meeting

Scheduled for February 8, 2018


No motion to adjourn was made